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(Running After You) Matthew Mole - Lyrics and Chords

Tuning: E A D G B E Key: E [Intro] E [Verse 1] E Of all the places and all of the spaces that I've ever seen                       B          A C#m B And that I've ever been, it's tr-------ue E I'd walk through a town I could only have dreamed                                              B        A Am But the beauty surrounding means nothing to me, it's y-----ou [Pre-Chorus] E                        A Where you are is where I always want to be E                   A Anywhere as long as you are there with me C#m                     B I will take you to the places I have seen A Take my heart and run along [Chorus]                           E    G#m 'Cause I'm running after y----ou                    C#m  A I'm running after y----ou                         E     G#m And I'll do what I can do----o                     C#m      A B E I'll do it all for y----ou--ou--

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