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“Over the Wire” : “Bandit” - Walkthrough (level 0-34)

OverTheWire is a very good place to learn some of the security concepts in the form of enjoyable wargames. Bandit is the beginner level where you will learn about how to play wargames. This level requires the use of an SSH client to every level to complete it. As I am familiar with using Open SSH but instead you can use other SSH clients like Putty , MobaXTerm , etc. Bandit Level 0 Bandit Level 0 → Level 1 As per the instruction in this level, we need to login to the remote host using SSH and find the password for bandit1.  Where,  Host :  Port : 2220 Challenge link : Username : bandit0 Password : bandit0 Logged into bandit0 profile with the following command:  ssh -p 2220 Used ls command to see if I can find anything which will help me to find the password or bandi1, got a “readme” file. Used the cat command to see the content of the file: cat readme and got the passwo

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