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HSCTF 8, WeCTF 2021 - writeups (started after a quiet a while)

HSCTF 8 -2021   I started ctf after quiet a while, and saw HSCTF 8 going on I could solve few challenges but would like to share the way i solved 1 web, and 6 misc which I will tell you how I solved it. here we go. NRC: In this challenge you could not right click and inspect as the right click was disabled in js. The walk around was you just need to press CTR + U to view the source , after you land the source page you could find a suspicious bootstrap file , you just click the file to view and you could find the flag for the first web challenge. misc-LSBlue: This challenge was pretty forward as as per my prior knowledge when its a .png file i will want to use few choice of my tools to do the stegno challenge. So i used to zsteg out of the list and got the flag. you can use anything of your choice misc-pallets-of-gold:   This challenge was also pretty forward, i used stegsolve to find the flag. I opened the file in stegsolve and started going through different channel one after another.

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